Hike to the waterfall

Wanderung an den Wasserfall mit BadespassThis walk will lead you to the seven-step waterfall. First, the hike takes you a 3/4 hour down the mountain into a ravine. After walking past a hydroelectric power station, the hike will take you about 15 minutes along the waterfall.

This is a real jungle that has been formed by the persistent moisture. Then the lowest lake is reached. We keep to the right and continue to the first stage of the waterfall. There you can relax with your feet in the cool water. Afterwards, we climb up to the second stage. There we will relax and swim. In this deep pool you can swim to the waterfall and dive under it.

Sure a great experience that you do not have every day. After the bathing pleasure, the path leads us up again.

Prices for the excursion “Hiking Waterfall”
1 to 2 Personen 65,00 Euro in total
3 to 4 Personen 75,00 Euro in total
from 5 Personen 19,00 Euro per person

Pictures of the excursion “Hike to the waterfall”