Excursion Shopping in Mauritius

Port Louis Markt MauritiusExcursion Shopping in Mauritius – This tour takes you first to the capital, Port Louis. This city with about 200,000 habitants is not famous  for its beauty or its sights. Rather by their atmosphere, fragrances, and the many different cultures and people in one place. On the agenda are the  shopping center Caudan Waterfront, the large market and the government building. Afterwards, you will be taken by car to the Citadelle, an old fort with a beautiful view of the city and the horse race track.

Various shopping trips are possible. In addition to the possibility of buying sweaters, T-shirts, trousers and shirts is also a diamond factory to visit.

Afterwards there are several parks to visit. If you decide  to go to Port Louis for your purchases and in the factories, there is still time for a visit to a park.

A real highlight is the “Eureka Colonia lvilla”. This villa  puts you back into the colonial era. For example, there you can find furniture made of ebony and an antediluvian bathroom. In short, you get an impression of the luxury of earlier days. A beautifully landscaped garden is self-evident.

Prices for the trip “Mauritius Shopping”
1 to 2 people 55,00 Euro in total
3 to 4 peole 65,00 Euro in total
from 5 people 15,00 Euro per person

Pictures for the trip “Shopping Mauritius”