Tour South-East Tour in Mauritius

Tour South-East Tour in Mauritius – This tour begins in the north of the island, in Pampelmousses Garden. I will show you there interesting flowers, trees and spices. A fast course in botany. The Pampelmousses Garden is one of the world famous Gardens for its variety of plants. A little of it is then also mediated by me. The duration of the round trip is about 1 1/2 hours.

Second station is then the Blue Bay at Mahebourg. This lagoon is particularly dark in the middle. Suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

The third station is then the crocodile farm La Vanille. There you will not only find crocodiles of any size, but also many different turtles, lizards and others. Also a beautiful nature path how Mauritius looked originally is shown to you.

Last stop is then the Rochester waterfall. There you can swim in the small pool and and take a refreshing shower at the waterfall.

Prices for the tour “South-East Tour”
1 to 2 people 75,00 Euro in total
3 to 4 people 85,00 Euro in total
from 5 people 22,00 Euro per person

Pictures of the tour “South-East Tour” in Mauritius