Rental conditions for the guesthouse Heliconia in Mauritius

The rents presented on the site are proposed to you, so that you can benefit the services proposed by Heliconia Guesthouse. However we ask you to read attentively the present general conditions of rent and use. These general conditions govern the sales of renting stays and are valid as the command is sent with the exception of quite other conditions. The booking of a stay is worth unconditional acceptance of our general conditions.


The bookings bind us if we accepted them, what we are free to make or to refuse, according to the availability, and, generally to any natural circumstances to damage the execution of the made booking. The Customer must be participating in the reserved stay. Furthermore the acceptance is valid exclusively by the sending a confirmation of booking by e-mail, fax and by an advance. The amount of the advance:

For a stay of 7 nights 50 euro
For a stay of 8-12 nights 100 euro
For a stay of more than 12 nights 150 euro

This advance is then deducted on totalities of the amount. We shall confirm you in return, if the advance arrived well on our account.

The rest of the amount total must be paid in euro on arrival. In case if the indicated sum for the payment of the advance is not respected, the booking is automatically cancel and it is forbidden for the applicant to take possession of the accommodation.

Cost of cancelation
If your cancellation (the date of reception of the e-mail or the letter is taken in account) the following are to be taken in consideration:
– More than 61-45 days before your stay 25 % on the rest of the total amount will be charged.
– Between the 44th and the 30th day before your 50 % on the rest of total amount will be charged.
– less than 29 days before your stay 90 % on the rest of total amount will be charged.

– No refund will be made in case of absence or cancellation after arrival….